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In addition to being an award winning juggler and magician, Benjamin has a degree in Conservation Biology and a Masters degree in Physical Therapy.  He combines his education with his love for entertaining to create unique shows that enlighten and inform as they captivate the crowd.  Perfect for assembly shows, camp programs, and  libraries.  

           Fit Tricks Fitness Frenzy 


This show combines a multi-media presentation with circus and juggling to teach students how to make healthy choices regarding diet and exercise.    Students learn not only what to do but why making healthy  choices helps their hearts, bones and muscles. 

            The Waste Reduction Production  

Originally developed with a grant from The state's Division of Waste Management, this show uses circus and magic to teach students the four R's on conservation: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Respect the earth.  

           Group Circus Class


Benjamin has also been teaching circus classes for 20 years.  As a physical therapist specializing in motor learning and a personal trainer, Ben has a unique teaching method that makes learning fun and easy. Perfect for adult team building and children's programming. 

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